Presently, the volunteers from South Texas Prison Outreach have bible study with the inmates once a month with the men, and once a month with the ladies, on Tuesday evenings.  It is an opportunity for the inmates to turn in prayer request, sing praises to God, study God's word, and pray for the inmates and their personal needs.  The men and woman who attend the services are very receptive of the word.  They are encouraged and motivated to continue to seek a relationship with God.  Often times, the inmates prayer requests are that we pray that they can get to know God better.  

It is a blessing for the volunteers to have the opportunity to work with men and woman who at a low point in their lives. Our purpose is to give "Jesus" to the inmates, but we often receive as much as we give.  

The schedule we have at the jail today is very different from what we had before.  Before, the women met with the women inmates every Tuesday.  The men met with half of the men every Wednesday and the other half of the men on Thursday's.   Sometimes the teams were even allowed to go to the back and visit with inmates who were in solitary confinement.  Now, because of new regulations and different administration, that certainly doesn't happen any more.  
There have been many changes over the last couple of years with rules and regulations at our county jail.  We are happy to be able to be part of the inmates lives in sharing the gospel and are willing to take any time we can get with them.  Please help S.T.P.O. by praying that God continue to open doors for us. Remember, it is our purpose to take the work of God to the inmates.  Only God can do for these men and woman what they need the most. 

Local county churches have services with the men and woman inmates on Sunday's.  If a church is unable to have their service with the inmates, the South Texas Prison Outreach volunteers step in, and bring a service for the inmates.

Our ultimate goal for South Texas Prison Outreach is to be able to volunteer at the jail just as we did before.  We would like to be able to have the same schedule with the inmates as we had in previous years.  Please help us pray.